3 Ways to get Better Listing Photos for Etsy

If you have been hanging out here recently, you know that I think good photography on Etsy is extremely important. In fact, I have a whole post just dedicated to telling you WHY I think it is so important. But, that doesn’t really help you with the HOW, which is what you really need. So today, I’m sharing 3 ways to get better listing photos for Etsy.

First things first, I have a whole ebook filled with all of this information and more that you can download for free here.

Now, the 3 ways…

1. Hire a Photographer

This is pretty straight forward. Find a photographer you love in your area, reach out to them, and hire them for a product photography session! In my opinion, this is the least ideal option because of cost, but if you have the budget to do it, you will get great images for your listings!

2. Trade with a Photographer

I LOVE this option. As a seller and a photographer, I love when my 2 worlds combine! For this, all you have to do is send an email out to a photographer you love asking them if they would be willing to trade images in exchange for product. This a cheap, easy way to get great images that you are able to use in your shop. In my ebook, I include a template email so you know exactly what to say when you reach out! This couldn’t be easier!

3. DIY it!

I know I said I loved the last option, and I do, but this one is my favorite. First, because it is so inexpensive, and secondly, because it provides you with opportunities for fresh social media content every time you make an order. Now, this is where the photography tips come in, and let me tell you, I have tons. Like, too many to share in this one post. So instead, I’m going to tell you where to find them all: the ebook. I whipped up this e-book diving into all the tips and tricks for photos. Enjoy!

Watch the video here:


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