Travel Q and A with Jessica Lauren

By far, the question I get asked the most is, “why do you travel so much?!” To which the only good, concise answer I have found is, why the heck not. But almost every time I get asked that, it is immediately followed with, “okay well, HOW do you travel so much?” And to be honest, there are a lot of factors at play there.

The biggest is my job. Being self employed gives me the latitude to travel whenever I want and wherever I want, so long as there is wifi. The second thing, and the thing everyone wants to know about, is I have gotten pretty good at traveling on a budget. I’m not rolling in money over here, and I would rather travel more often than more glamorously, so I have had to find ways to do fun places in cheap ways!

Thankfully, my friend Jessica feels the same way. Her and I travel a lot together and are almost always in agreement on what is worth spending money on and what isn’t. While she was reading blog posts for our Hawaii trip later this year (!!!!), she came across an itinerary outlining a week in Maui for the small price of $7,500. Wait. Read that again… $7,500. Yeah, NO. I don’t spend that much on travel for the entire year, much less on one trip. When we read this, we realized that this is why people don’t travel, because who has that kind of money to spend on one week!

So we decided to host a little Q and A on Instagram live! We answered any travel related questions, but really doubled down on how to travel on the cheap. From how we handle eating on a budget to what we decide is worth the money, we covered it all. Additional questions included how we travel with camera equipment efficiently and how we find time to both enjoy the moment and get photos.

I recommend listening to this like you would a podcast. Start it while you are cooking dinner or driving to work — listen, don’t watch. Let me know in the comments if this is something you were into! It was super fun for Jessica and I, and we would be totally down for a round 2 if y’all have more questions! 🙂

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