6 Ways to Strengthen your Brand on Etsy

It seems like everyone in the creative entrepreneur world is always talking about branding: why it matters, how to do it, what it means and so on. There’s a ton of buzz on the topic and for good reason: it matters. A lot.

Seth Godin defines a brand like this: “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

There’s a lot there, but the bottom line is this: every single thing your business does affects its brand, which affects a buyer’s decision to choose your product. We could talk about branding until we are blue in the face, but today we are just going to run through 6 things you can do to strengthen your brand on Etsy.

Before we start, one thing to keep in mind throughout this whole post is your ideal client. This is the person who your brand most ideally suits. Get specific when you define this person: think about what kind of TV shows they like, how old they are, if they are single or married, what they do for fun on Friday nights, and so on.

This isn’t to say that others won’t purchase from you – they totally will! The goal from identifying your ideal customer is to have one idea to cater all of your branding efforts towards.

1. Header images

When someone visits your shop, the first thing they will see is your header image. As the biggest element on the page, it sets the tone for your brand, so you want to make it good. You could create a graphic with text in Canva or pair 4 square pictures that go well together in a collage.

Take some time to get creative here! Make sure it fits the vibe you are going for and will encourage customers to hang around for a while. To get your wheels turning, here are some shops who I think nailed the header section…




2. About section

Etsy is known for connecting consumers with small creative business owners. If someone is shopping on Etsy, there is a good chance they want to hear your story and know what sets you apart from department stores. The about section gives you the perfect chance to share what you are all about.

Etsy gives you a lot of options here: you can upload a video, write a bio, and share a few photos. Use this space wisely. Make sure you introduce yourself, tell your customers why your products are different, and share the story of how you started.

Pro Tip: Rumor has it that having a completed about section helps your shop’s SEO!

3. Product photos

You know that feeling when you are walking through a store like Madewell? Where it seems like every article of clothing was carefully selected to be in the store and not one looks out of place. It makes you want to stick around, right?

You have the opportunity to make your shop feel the same way. Curating your products thumbnail images can elevate the buying experience and strengthen your brand, making customers want to keep exploring and coming back!

Someone who I think curates their photos really well is Courtney, from CourtneySmithDesigns.

If you want to learn more about taking photos of your Etsy products, check out these 2 videos: Why You Need Better Listing Photos on Etsy + 3 Ways to get Better Listing Photos for Etsy.

4. Brand Voice

If you hang out in the creative entrepreneur community, then you’ve likely heard the the term “brand voice” tossed around quite a bit! What you say in your product descriptions, on instagram posts, in your about section, in convos all has the opportunity to set the tone for your brand. And you get to pick the tone. Do you want to be formal? Casual? Funny? Straightforward? There is no right answer here other than consistency.

There are 2 people I follow on Instagram who I think do this really well: Candice Pool from Billy! and Gary Vaynerchuck from GaryVee.

Candice’s carefree, blunt voice drives the Billy! brand forward and strengthens it. Gary’s no excuses, aggressive yet kind voice sets the tone for every piece of content he puts out. Their voices are different, but they both work because they are consistent.

5. Packaging

We spend so much time trying to get the sale, how about keeping a branded experience going once you’ve got it? You can do this easily through your packaging. Our brand is fun and preppy, so we mail our customers orders in pink polka dot mailers with thank you cards that have a photo of the ocean and a pier.

Once again, this is a fun place to get creative! Can you do custom boxes or tape? A sticker with every purchase? Add a thank you and tell your story and why you are different! The goal here is to make your customers feel like they are opening a present when they receive their order.

6. The way you serve customers

Branding isn’t all about the visual elements of your shop. How a customer feels when they interact with your business has a large influence on your brand. You can shape this by answering convos quickly + kindly, shipping items sooner than you say you will, or having a good return policy.

When it comes to things like this, my best advice is to make your shop a place that you would like to shop at. Put yourself in your customers shoes when you are creating your return policies or answering convos.

When I first heard things like brand voice and ideal clients and just branding in general, I was overwhelmed. I was less than a year into my business, how was I supposed to know what voice would be best or who my ideal client was? Looking back, I wish I could tell myself to just keep working and give it time. Thinking about this kind of stuff is definitely important, but don’t let it keep you from moving forward. As your brand grows, you will gain a better understanding of your market and your brand.

That wraps it up for today y’all! If you have questions, let me know in the comments! I LOVE talking about all things Etsy branding and marketing! 🙂

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