makin’ a list & checkin’ it twice

Etsy Shop Scorecard

I created this simple worksheet so you can triple check that you have all your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted for your Etsy shop. This should take less than an hour to fill out, even if you are starting fresh.

Your shop is about to be 100% on brand, SEO friendly, and totally ready for customers to shop.

Let’s get started

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this worksheet will help you...

  • Set your shop up for SEO success. YEP. There are things you can do at the shop level to help your rank in the algorithm. Looking at you, about section!
  • Write that pesky bio. You know you've been putting it off! It's important for your customers AND your SEO, so we're not ignoring it any longer!
  • Create a branded experience for your customers without overthinking it! Your shop will be looking top of the line when you are finished.
  • START. No more waffling or waiting. Not on my watch! The biggest key to success on Etsy is action. Set a timer and get to work, friend! You'll be hearing those "cha-chings!" in no time!