Yay!! Your strategy session is booked.

Some things to remember as you prep for the call:

  • Make sure you are in a quiet area so you can focus!
  • Be ready to take notes.
  • If you need to, bring any other decision makers with you to the call.

So what happens next?

Now that your call is booked, my job is to look at your goals for your shop and do my research. Your job is to show up on time and to watch the following videos!

Easy enough, yeah?


Will I get access to the entire course as soon as I purchase?
Yes! You will have access to the course for as long as it exists. (I can’t say lifetime, it’s a legal thing, but think of it that way.) It is a self-paced course, so you can start whenever and work as fast as you want. You will also receive 3 months of group coaching where you can ask any questions you have about selling on Etsy.

People already sell what I sell. Can I still be successful on Etsy?
Short answer: YES.

Long answer: You don’t actually think I’m the only person who sells monogrammed clothing and accessories on Etsy, right?! There are thousands of other people who sell exactly what I sell on Etsy, and yet my business is profitable. The truth is, there are a lot of buyers on Etsy. This program teaches you how to get your listings in front of those buyers.

What if I don’t have an Etsy shop yet?
That’s totally fine! It takes less than 10 minutes to open up your shop and then you can start listing your items according to the All Things Etsy system.

What if I’m busy and don’t have time to take the course?
I feel you, which is why I made this a self paced course. You can take the lessons at a pace that fits your schedule.

There is one catch though: the 3 month group coaching starts the moment you enroll. The group coaching calls are where you get to ask me any questions you have about the course or Etsy in general. They’re really valuable, so I’d hate for you to miss out on them. But if you do, you will still have access to all the course materials.

I already have a pretty successful Etsy shop. Will this course be worth it for me?
First of all, go you! I love knowing there are folks crushing it on Etsy.

To know if this course is a good fit, I need you to do some math.

Go to your shop manager, then to your stats tab. Set the time period to the past 90 days. The data we are looking at is the “How Shoppers Found You” section.

All Things Etsy focuses on getting sales from Etsy, specifically Etsy search.

So, out of your total visits, calculate what percent is coming from “Etsy search” and “Etsy app & other Etsy pages”.

If it less than 50%, then All Things Etsy will be beneficial for you!

If it is over 50%, you will still learn a lot from All Things Etsy, but it sounds like you already have a good grip on Etsy search. Way to go!

How involved will you be in the course?
All Things Etsy is a group coaching program, so for the first 3 months, I will be hosting 2 calls a week where you can ask me any questions that you have! I will also be popping into our community Facebook group to talk about the things I am learning and cheer you on!

After the 3 months, my only involvement will be in the alumni Facebook group, occasionally answering questions and sharing tips!

Do you offer refunds?
Because this course is part of a group coaching package, I do not offer refunds.