6 Things to do in San Diego

Everything about life just feels breezier in San Diego. Like you could run down to the beach barefoot in a swimsuit, surf for a while, throw on a dress, then grab tacos afterwards. Never once thinking about logistics, yet somehow everything seems to fall right into place. A carefree, sunny, vacation-esque lifestyle seems to come naturally there, even when you are at a coffee shop getting work done. For this reason, you won’t ever find me turning down a trip to this amazing city. After visiting San Diego my fair share of times, I compiled a list of my 6 favorite things to do there…

Sunset Cliffs

If you have done any trip research on San Diego at all, then you have read about Sunset Cliffs. It is one of the most iconic spots in the city and rightfully so. The best time to go is, obviously, at sunset. You will likely be apart of a crowd, but I promise the view of the sun setting over the Pacific ocean is worth it. Snap a couple pics, then put the camera away and just let the moment sink in. Afterwards (or before), walk to Ocean Beach and grab a burger at Hodad’s. There will likely be a line, but totally worth it.

Go Surfing in Pacific Beach!

Never surfed a day in your life? This is for you, because neither had I. My friend and I had always wanted to try it though, so when we went to San Diego, we had to give it a shot. You can read all about our experience surfing for the first time here. Long story short, we took a lesson first + it didn’t feel as dangerous as we thought it would. If you are like me, and relaxing on the beach is everything but relaxing, rent a surfboard and give it a try! I can’t promise you’ll be good at it, but I can promise it’ll be a good workout!

Take a Hike at Torrey Pines

Okay, so you are probably finding out that I like to be outside… but can you blame me?! San Diego’s weather makes it irresistible. About 20 minutes north of Pacific Beach is the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, a state park with insanely beautiful views + hikes. We took the trail along the overlook and then hiked toward the beach. Head there in the morning, take your time on the hike, and then spend the afternoon exploring La Jolla. Talk about a perfect day.

Explore La Jolla

Speaking of La Jolla… you are going to want to spend some time here when you are in San Diego! There are a ton of things to do, all within walking (or lime scootering) distance away from each other. Check out the tide pools and the seals. Take a photo under Scripps Pier. Shop at the cute little shops and then grab dinner at one of the darling restaurants before heading home.

Bike the Mission Beach Boardwalk

Renting bikes in beach towns is one of my favorite things to do! Boardwalks just feel like they were meant to be biked on. When you are in San Diego, you can find rental shops all over the place. Hit one up, grab a bike, and explore mission beach. It’s entirely along the beach, so the view isn’t bad. There are restaurants, shops, and even a roller coaster!

Spend a day downtown!

As you can tell, there are a ton of really rad things to do outside in San Diego, but I’d be remiss if I left downtown off this list. San Diego has a super fun downtown area with all kinds of cute coffee shops, great Mexican restaurants, murals on the street, fun places to shop… you get the vibe. Take a day to explore here! And if you go during the summer, check the Padres schedule. If they are home, I highly recommend seeing a game at PetCo Park. I’ve seen my fair share of baseball stadiums and this one is up there for me! 🙂

Most importantly, leave time to be spontaneous in San Diego. This city lends itself to unexpected adventures and places. I don’t recommend planning a rigid schedule for each day… Instead, have a general idea, then just embrace San Diego’s laid back vibes and see where the day takes you!

Are you planning a trip to San Diego soon? What else is on your bucket list for this city? Let me know in the comments!


6 things to do in San Diego

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