Why You Need Better Listing Photos on Etsy

When I decided to sell on Etsy, I knew very little about the platform… I mean, like, I wrote out addresses and bought stamps at the post office, y’all. I knew nothing.

Luckily, around the same time, I was trying to start my photography business as well. So my tag words may have been nonexistent, but I at least knew a little bit about photography and my listing pictures were decent. Even in the very beginning, I knew having good product photos was important for driving traffic and, ultimately, getting sales.

Here’s why…

Say someone searches “luggage tags” on Etsy. The algorithm is going to quickly generate a grid of the most relevant listings for luggage tags, which is convenient if you are a buyer, but as a seller that means it can be hard to stand out. As a buyer is scrolling through the options, they see 3 things about a listing: it’s price, average review, and an image. This means sellers have a very small window of opportunity to capture a buyer’s attention before they keep scrolling past to other options.

I personally believe that of those 3 things, the photo is the most important thing for capturing a buyer’s attention. Let’s face it, we live in a visual world. People want to SEE the product and picture themselves using it.

This is why whenever I list an item, the first thing I do is search other listings in the same category and then get pictures that STAND OUT from others. So for example, if I was going to list a luggage tag, I would probably photograph it with an actual suitcase, possibly in an airport, because no one in the top search has done that yet.

On top of standing out in search, unique photos make your listings more likely to be featured in an Etsy featured collection or their gift guides. It also increases the likelihood that someone will share your product to their Pinterest or Facebook, both of which have incredible capabilities of driving sales to your shop.

Convinced you need amazing listing photos? GOOD. You can check out my free e-book all about actually getting better photos for Etsy here.


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